Module 1: Understanding Prostate Cancer

Understanding Prostate Cancer

This animation explains the basics of prostate cancer, including risk factors, signs and symptoms, screening tests, and an overview of treatment options. You can also learn about the role and function of the prostate, and the significance of an enlarged prostate. Prostate cancer does not usually cause signs you can see or symptoms you feel, unless it is advanced. This is why screening is so important when it comes to prostate cancer. Talk with your doctor about your personal prostate cancer risk if you are a man between the ages of 40 and 50. Tell your doctor if anyone in your family has had prostate cancer and ask about other risk factors. Participating in a screening plan with your doctor can help you find prostate cancer and treat it early, and this saves lives.

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Module 2: Diagnosing Prostate Cancer

Diagnosing Prostate Cancer

This animation describes how doctors diagnose prostate cancer, and the tests needed to find out. It explains symptom assessment, physical examination, digital rectal exam (DRE), prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test, prostate biopsy, imaging tests (MRI, CT scan and transrectal ultrasound), bone scan, lymph node biopsy, and more. This animation also explains grades, Gleason score and Grade Group. Prostate cancer is common in men as they get older. Talk with your doctor about the tests you may need to diagnose prostate cancer or another condition as early as possible.

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